What’s Happening For Hair Styles in Spring 2014

Hairstyles are constantly changing, change is good. But the question is will the hair styles seen on the runway this spring become main stream. Doubtful. Like many of the outrageous clothing designs most of them just stay on the runway. The same is true with the hairstyles seen on the runway as well.

Two styles that really stick out for that we don’t see going main stream are the windswept and mixed textures hair styles.

The windswept is exactly what it sounds like. It is a hair style that looks like you went directly from the salon into a wind tunnel or had a nice long romp in the sack. It is a styled mess. I can’t imagine women actually wearing this style of hair because they will constantly be asked if they were in a wind storm or what happened to your hair. Sure it will get attention but not the attention you want.


Photo from blog.blanchemacdonald.com

The example above is a tame version of the wind swept hair style. I am still not a fan. Do a little searching and you will find some really over the top examples.

The second I could see more women wearing. The mixed texture is a mix between having your hair slicked back and then going into a billow of hair. I still don’t think it is overly appealing as it creates a bit of a mullet look, but hey, it’s about time for the 80′s to come back.

mixed texture

Photo from www.harpersbazaar.com

As with all hair fashions all it will take is for a few celebrities to start sporting the look and before you know it your mild mannered house wife will have the same look. If you do find a look you like any good hair stylist worth a hoot will be able to create the look you want.

Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot

hair photo shootIf you are going to pay for a photo shoot there are three things you need to take care of. You need to have a great hair stylist, a great makeup artist and a great location. We’ll cover who and where we recommend to get the best looking photos possible.

The best hair salon in Medford Oregon that we love is Cuttin Up Studio. Sonja has been cutting and styling hair in the Rogue Valley for over 20 years. Her clients love her and so do we. She really knows what it takes to have beautiful hair and what it takes to have beautiful hair in your photography. The one downside is that she is rarely available for on site hair styling at the photo shoot but it’s worth it to go to her salon first and get your hair perfect.

If you are looking for boudoir photography in Ashland Oregon look no further than Lauren Dahn. She specializes in in these sexy and empowering photos. It’s all she does. I don’t know about you but with this type of photography I want someone that specializes in it as they can make all the difference in the world with the experience you have.

As far as locations in Southern Oregon to get a photo shoot done there are just so many choices. One of the places that is really cool that we love is Table Rock. Other places would include Lithia Park, Apple Gate river and Jacksonville. Of course if you are going to do boudoir photography in Medford OR you may want to consider someplace that is not as public and a little more intimate.

With makeup we actually don’t have anyone to recommend. What we would say about this is to talk with your photographer about recommendations. A good makeup artist will make all the difference in the world. For example Lauren recommends belovecosmetics.com in Ashland Oregon.

Getting professional photos done is well worth the investment. Don’t cheap out by doing your hair or makeup yourself. Put the whole package together and just go for it. It will make all the difference in the world.